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Simple greases have been taken largely from the program and replaced by the best contemporary qualities. Newly developed greases from ELA organic grease on synthetic grease for applications on seawater, the "hot zone" in working to fast storage: saving = cost and replacement The correct use of the grease involved is reliable friction minimize + temperature + wear + contamination. Select your grease based on the bearing manufacturer requirements - performance, temperature ranges, technology and NLGI class. By proper selection the operating temperature can be reduced up to 50 ° C. Bearings should achieve a Kappa 1 to 4. We got the grease on it! Color of fat is not a quality property. Our experienced grease experts can assist you in choosing or recommend the most suitable grease for your specific application requirements or develop it. In industrial plants equipment and unit management can replace up to 8 greases and lead to a very high monetary savings. We have the grease on it! Our recommendation helios FSR Revolution EP.

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