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We are ready: New products for IMO 2020 and beyond - also for LNG operation

Marine lubes + Urea AUS 40 are manufactured directly for you and delivered by agreement pumped by tank truck, IBC or drums. This service is offered in Europe, depending on the region also by barge. No additional fees / transaction costs for third parties.

Marine EAL - Organic approved lubricating oils and greases, as well as engine oils for port industries, public and private port operations comply with EPA Marpol regulations. Shipping company, operator, management, ship suppliers and ship suppliers find many Mobil, Shell, Klüber, Texaco, helios, BASF u.a. Premium Lubricants. Many international delivery points with brand manufacturers + Germany. Start today & be prepared for tomorrow.

As an OEM Marine lubes supplier helios creates for owners and shipyards lubrication plans during the construction of the ships + Marine Fuels - Marine fuels. The intensive, accompanying care and supply takes place almost worldwide. Lubricating oils and greases according to NATO, MIL, DEF STAN, DCSEA, TL, VV-D can be offered. Shell Marine Partner and Shell RLA Service - HLAS analysis for more than 30 years. National + International Marine lubes

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