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Ensis DWO 2400 Very long dewatering rust preventive

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Premium quality dewatering rust preventive and exhibits an oily film, which is self-healing, resists peeling and cracking, neutralizes fingerprints and is easy to remove if required.

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Ensis DWO 2400 is effective on ferrous and non-ferrous metal. It contains a selection of low odour performance additives for workers comfort. It is barium free and VOC free which meets EU regulation.

- semi finish automotive and machinery components like valves, gears, camshaft, box, bearing, chains, motor, fasteners, braking system, precision component with highly finished surfaces

- Materials and equipment during shipment overseas, when properly packed

- Drill pipe and casing in outdoor coastal locations

- Steel stuructures during operation or storage periods

Particularly resisting to carry-over of alkaline grinding coolants, soluble oil emulsions and acidic rinse water atmosphere.

Flashpoint (°C) close up  11

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