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GLYSANTIN® G05® + GLYSANTIN® Classic concentrate are silicate-containing premium coolants. For commercial vehicles Glysantin G05 yellow and Glysantin Classic compatible with cast iron engines of vintage and classic cars from the 50s to 80s. We supply Glysantin G05 further as Windpower coolant.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.

GLYSANTIN® G05® / GLYSANTIN® Classic This radiator protection product uses the so-called hybrid radiator protection technology. Inorganic and organic inhibitors are responsible for the corrosion protection in the cooling system.

Triple protection against corrosion, overheating and even frost.

GLYSANTIN® G05® yellow Due to its nitrite content, the product is particularly suitable for use in commercial vehicles.

GLYSANTIN® Classic yellow is particularly compatible with cast iron engines of vintage and classic cars from the 50s to the 80s.

Approvals: Status: 27-07-2019

Chrysler (MS-9769), Deutz-Fahr (<03/2017), Dodge (<2010), Ford (North America) (WSS-M 97B51-A1), Huerlimann (<03/2017), JCB (STD00088), Jeep (<2010), John Deere (JDM H24), Lamborghini Tractors (<03/2017), MTU (MTL 5048), Same (<03/2017)

GLYSANTIN® G05® / GLYSANTIN® Classic meets the requirements of following coolant standards AS 2108-2004, ASTM D 3306, ASTM D6210, BS6580: 2010, CUNA NC 956-16, AFNOR NFR 15-601, SAE J1034, SAE J814, ÖNORM V 5123, SANS 1251 : 2005 and China GB 29743-2013

Please note: Product is only functional in a mix with defined water.

Drain and rinse the cooling system

Empty the cooling system. The steps for emptying and filling differ in detail depending on the car manufacturer, model and year of construction.
Catch the used radiator guard and dispose of it properly. Do not dispose of coolants via the waste water. Do not reuse coolant
Rinse the cooling system with a solution of GLYSANTIN® and water (15% concentration).

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