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helios Synt A grinding machining iron steels

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Advanced, semi-synthetic, boron-free emulsion technology, which enables extremely long lubricant service life + higher cutting performance. Does not contain boron: no SVHC classification according to REACh.

- General machining + grinding for: high-alloy steels, heat-resistant steels + titanium recommended. Typical applications include grinding bearing races + deep grinding.
- Helios Synt A is extremely durable, making it suitable for central systems and individually filled machines
- Extends the emulsion service life without regular biocide treatments
- Special additive package increases grinding performance + tool life of grinding wheels

lube packaging

General machining 4 - 6%

Grinding of ferrous materials 4 - 6%

pH value in the application solution 8.8-9.3

helios Synt A concentrate as a water-miscible metalworking fluid, also suitable for metal sawing

- Cleaner: clean workpieces, machine tools and work environment
- Very low foaming: ideal for highest speeds and pressures in medium to hard water
- extended disc service life
- Very stable emulsion: less use of additives + low application costs

- Does not contain boron: no SVHC classification according to Reach
- Does not contain boron, formaldehyde, chlorine, phenol. Contains only amines approved according to TRGS611.

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