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Macron EDM 110 Dielectric

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Macron EDM 110 achieves outstanding results due to its degree of purity during spark erosion, mainly for finishing and roughing. If Macron EDM 110 is suitable for superfinishing and honing, as well as cracking oil and spindle oil for tight-fitting spindles. ISO VG 2,2 / 3,4 water light.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
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- very high dielectric strength
- low conductivity
- high degree of purity
- good flushing capacity
- Transparent
- Heavy metal free
- Mild odor
- Compatible with machine lubrication oils
- Easy to filter
- Macron EDM 110 is used undiluted.
Macron EDM 110 is suitable for processing non-ferrous metals.

Macron EDM 110 is a spark erosion oil / dielectric and is preferably used in roughing and finishing operations.
Macron EDM 110 is based on high-quality, age-resistant and aromatic-poor aliphatic hydrocarbons. In the spark erosion, Macron EDM 110 combines a very high dielectric strength with a low conductivity.
High chemical resistance in the area of spark discharge, good flushing ability as well as easy filterability characterize the product.
Macron EDM 110 is compatible with all machine tool lubrication products and does not stain any non-ferrous metals.

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