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e-mobility lubes

Coolant Fluids for Electric Cars + FuelCell Cars or Hybrids

e-automobil = EV (Electric Vehicle) various energy drives: FHEV, PHEV, REEV, BEV + FCEV H2BX helios hydrogen

FHEV -> Full Hybrid  - Fuel engine + rechargeable battery by regenerative braking
PHEV -> Plug in Hybrid  - Fuel engine + battery with cable Range approx. 60 km
REEV -> Range Extended  - Fuel engine + electric motor - Battery charging by fuel engine
 - Stable e-motor drive for about 150 km
BEV   -> Battery  - e-Engine + battery with cable
FCEV -> Fuel Cell  - Electric vehicle-like drive system (e-Engine) energy as hydrogen is stored, 
   which is converted by the fuel cell into electricity.
   Refueling about 500 km at 10 min

e-mobility EV Energy and drive cooling from helios lubeoil. Example applications: e-wheels, e-cars, e-trucks, e-buses, in-house transport and e-conveyors, as well as e-robots in production + private sector are a cutting-edge of cutting-edge and long-lasting cooling fluids + oils + fats and application Consumption. Green Hydrogen can be stored and transported as a gas or as a liquid and converted to 100% emissions free electricity almost anywhere in the world.

In addition gear drive lubricant becomes an integral part of the overall system. e.g. Bearings of e-motors (electric motor stators rotors), e-gears, + other applications require greases + lubricating oils. Use in manufacturing plants + car production - vehicle manufacturing and plant maintenance. Use in e-vehicles and e-motors. e-car manufacturing supplies. Robots belong to the e-mobility with robot motion fluid helios RMC Fluid EAL. Further light construction aluminum, plastics, composite materials with newest cooling lubricants. helios is your e-mobility service provider

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