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helios transmissions flow grease-EP-00-fingerprint
  • helios transmissions flow grease-EP-00-fingerprint

helios Transmissions Flow Grease EP 00


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helios gear lubricant EP 00 is a semi-flowing, well-adhering, stable-running gear grease with lithium soap EP and anti-corrosive additives. Centralized lubrication system suitable. -50 ° C to + 120 ° C range of application.

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Transmission fluid grease EP 00 is used in gearboxes and in geared motors where these require the use of fluid grease. The lubrication of rolling and plain bearings and other sliding surfaces is possible in a wide temperature range, the operating noise of the units are noticeably damped.

Due to its good flow behavior, transmission nonwoven grease EP 00 can be pumped easily through long pipelines even at very low temperatures.

The operating temperature range of gear oil EP 00 is between -50 ° C and + 120 ° C (max 130 ° C).

For the vehicle sector, the manufacturer's approvals MAN 283 Li-P 00-000 and MB 264.0 (DBL 6833) are to be named for use.

Color green

Dropping point> 160 ° C

SKF R2F B at 120 ° C: passed

Key benefits

- High thermal and mechanical load capacity

- Long-term use possible due to good aging resistance

- Well tolerated with sealing materials

- Excellent lubricity over a wide temperature range

- largely water resistant

- Good corrosion protection

- High walk stability

- Good anti-wear properties reduce machine wear

- Easily conveyed through long pipes, even at very low temperatures

helios transmission fluid grease EP 00 is suitable for lubrication of industrial gearboxes and manual transmissions in vehicles. helios transmission fluid grease EP 00 is suitable for lubrication of front, bevel, and worm gears, geared motors, flexible couplings and the like. When using helios transmission fluid EP 00, the size and performance as well as the sealing of the gearboxes must be considered.

The information above is based on current production data and can vary within given tolerances. Temperature range is given as a guideline only. Information and data can be changed without previous notification. This information replaces prior editions.

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