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helios EAL pure Gear Oil EP BIO 68, 100, 220

environmentally friendly gear oils from fully saturated synthetic esters with rapid biodegradability for all applications, in which a gear oil CLP is 51 517 Part 3 required by DIN or used successfully. It was voted an environmentally friendly additives to improve aging stability, corrosion protection and lubrication properties it.

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Helios EAL pure Gear Oil EP BIO are well miscible with mineral oils and water-insoluble. Mixing with mineral oils are to be avoided, however, as the performance is impaired. The guidelines of the machine manufacturer must be observed. As a rule, a maximum of 2% foreign oil are specified.

In the gasket selection is the temperature of vital importance so that consultation is recommended with the seal manufacturer or our technical service. Basically suitable seals based FKM / FPM and AU / EU.

helios EAL pure Gear Oil EP BIO were developed for applications in the field of industrial gear units, which leads to leakage and thus to pollution of the environment. helios EAL pure Gear Oil EP BIO have proven highly effective in the lubrication of chains and ropes. helios EAL pure Gear Oil EP BIO are to WHG / VwVwS (05/99) classified as water hazard class 1

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