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Argina S5 40

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Marine Lubricants for medium-speed trunk piston engines is a multifunctional crankcase lubricant for highly rated medium speed diesel engines operating on residual fuel. Shell Argina S5 40 has a BN of 55 and is designed for the latest high output and low oil consumption engines.

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Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations
Shell Argina S5 40 is approved by Wartsila and MAN

Main Applications
Medium-speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines, burning residual fuel oils, which create conditions of very high oil stress. These conditions usually occur:
· In newer, high output engine designs and especially DF (duel fuel) engines
· Where oil consumption is < 0.5 g/kWh
· Where load factors are >90%
· Where fuels with sulphur >3% are in use
Note: Due to its high base number 55, this oil has a high ash content. To avoid excessive ash deposits, do not use with low sulphur fuels, or engines with high oil consumption. For these applications other products in the Shell Argina family may be more suitable.

Performance, Features & Benefits
·Extended oil life
Shell Argina S5 40 is a BN55 oil which has been optimised to resist oxidation, maintain BN and viscosity in order to reduce the amount of oil sweetening that is required. Please contact your Shell technical representative who will be able to offer additional support in product selection and guidance on extending oil life and minimising sweetening.
·Engine protection
Shell Argina S5 40 has the highest detergency of all the Shell Argina products, leading to exceptionally clean crankcase, valve deck and pistons. The formulation has
been further optimised to reduce deposits in critical areas, e.g. piston undercrown.
·System efficiency
Shell Argina S5 40 has a high detergency/low dispersancy formulation in order to effectively release contaminants and water in centrifugal separators.
Shell Argina S5 40 can be used to top up engines already running on any other member of the Argina family, giving immediate control of BN without the need for an oil change.


Technische Daten

Viskosität Motor- Getriebeöl
SAE 40
Freigaben Spezifikationen
Wartsila, MAN

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