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Houghton Stack-Magic Eco CLDS

2.108,95 €

Low foam BOP wellhead control fluid providing optimum performance characteristics. Major drilling rig operators, who demand the most environmentally and technologically advanced products in the market, have used Stack-Magic BOP fluid concentrates successfully for many years and this range has now been extended by the introduction of Stack-Magic Eco CLDS for closed loop, surface BOP control systems

Öl VE: Fass 200 Liter
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Stack-Magic Eco CLDS has been formulated to meet the current (2015) CEFAS and OSPAR requirements and falls into the“Yellow Y1” zone for use in Norway and is classified as an “E” within the UK chemical notification scheme.

It is a ready-to-use biodegradable water glycol hydraulic control fluid specially designed to meet the requirements of closed loop hydraulic systems, as found on Jack-up and Platform BOP applications.Providing optimum reliability, improved lubricity, low foam, fast hydraulic response times and reduced internal leakage. It is undyed so as not to stain the dry surface equipment in use.

Kinematic viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 9.5
Kinematic viscosity @ 20°C, cSt 19.8
Kinematic viscosity @ 4°C, cSt 43.0
Kinematic viscosity @ -10°C, cSt 102.7
Specific Gravity at 15.5°C 1.1015
Flash Point (IP35 ASTM D-92 None
Freeze Point (IP 12 ASTM D-97) ≤ -45°C
Pour Point (IP 12 ASTM D-97) ≤ -45°C

Ready to use. Deliverytime depends on location of use, e.g. Aberdeen UK, Bergen, NO, places in Arabia, Asia, Afrika, US coast... additional freight charge

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