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helios Turbo Encor 35

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Corrosion protection for the vehicle and metalworking industry - workpieces - tools such as underbody, wing bottom, axles and transmission components as well as for applications, which require a good and durable corrosion protection. Resistance: to water, especially salt water, grease, brake fluid, sandblast effect ...

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
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Use in tube processing and metalworking - stamping tools, workpieces etc. used.

Sought from: to water, especially salt water, grease, brake fluid, sandblast effect

- colour after drying: white - clear

- Application: brush, roller, dip or spray (spray characteristics: good verspritzbar, uniform film thickness)

Tolerability of the wax film: on rubber parts, sealing tulips, brake lines (no dissolving or discolor, no plasticizer migration)

Stir well before use. Do not store outdoors. Protect against cold and heat. Allow products to reach room temperature before use. Contains solvents.

Shelf life packaging unopened: up to 6 months

drying conditions
a) water resistance after about 10-15 minutes at air drying
b) handling strength after approximately 40 minutes at air drying depending impingement

Thickness from 0.04 to 0.07 mm
Liability good bond to the substrate
Elasticity: solid wax film, not brittle
Heat resistance for 24 hours at 80 ° C v =: no running, no embrittlement
Resistance to cold for 8 hours at 35 ° C v =: no cracking or no loss of adhesion
Stone impact test: no flaking or peeling

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contains solvent

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