Manufacturer Specification Registration

Manufacturers, plant engineers, machine designers need qualified Lubricants (oils and greases as lubricants, for example, synthetic, biologically, etc). Recommendations for the trouble-free use and long periods of storage.

Please send us your requirement of the application, so that we can give you the qualified lubricating oil or grease.

Furthermore, you will receive your logo in the format of the license of use for the lubricant table and lubricant notes. We ask you to use your share for our products and approve.

Please make time your process chain in order to helios lubricants.
We provide all the information and approvals are available, as well as our direct support on site. Talk to us, we are ready for you with advice, assistance, products and supplies. (Source bp Aral "changes industrial lubricant portfolio under GHS" on 02.23.2015)

currently (examples):
Cold forming MEiM machining process
Coolant, and heat exchange equipment
various marine projects

Finished (examples):
div. Waterways and Shipping Offices
Waterworks Berlin
MTU: MTU specifically approved type 3.1 helios Premium KMXX
Renk gear
hair Group
Stadtwerke München
EWE Netz
div. power plants, RWE, E.on, GdF etc.
Cold extrusion metalworking process
Natural gas pipeline pumping station cavern
Automotive lubricants resources