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lube viscosity

lube viscosity

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Oil Viscosity

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EAL Lubes

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Property lubricants

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulics HL, HLP, HVLP, HVLPD fluids for construction machinery, industrial systems, locking and lifting devices, EAL Bio hydraulic oils for lock gates, quick-closing + safety systems, water-sensitive applications or simply the authorities' request for EAL Bio hydraulic oils, e.g. in cooling water pumps - none here water-polluting oils in pipes or hose lines - no protection of existing systems -> here the relieving hydraulic fluid

Flame-resistant hydraulic fluids in e.g. fire doors, die-casting systems, heat-releasing machining processes and more ... ordered here!

Synthetic hydraulic oils, hydraulic fluids, EAL bio hydraulic oils for very high demands on performance and the environment, we supply well-known manufacturers and plants in Germany + Europe + UK - The Lubricant Company - You are at the right place!


  • EAL Synthetic...

    Hydraulic fluids HEES synthetic esters, EAL hydraulic oils bio, mobile hydraulic oil EAL, helios pure fluid®

    Lock gates, hydraulic engineering, ships, conveyor systems, port handling, floating work platforms, ski slopes, cable cars. Helios hydraulic fluid EAL BIO, preferred use in construction machinery, port facilities, ship deck equipment, use in areas in which hydraulic oil can leave closed systems. EP additives + adhesion excellent wear protection + very good protection against rust and corrosion. VDMA 24568 HEES 32-46-68, DIN 51524 - HLP 32-46-68, DIN 51524 HVLP 32-46-68

  • Fire Resistant...

    Flame-resistant hydraulic fluids, HFC hydraulic oil, HFDU HydraulikFluid, EAL Hydraulicoils,Hydraulic Fluid fire protection systems

    Use in die casting, glass + aluminum production, steel works, mobile work equipment in hot areas, use in industry where hot surfaces + areas mean a fire hazard. In mining, steel making, heat treatment, die casting. In forklifts, large drilling rigs, railways, ships, mining underground. Bosch Rexroth approvals. Contains corrosion protection

  • HL, HLP, HLPD...

    Hydraulic oils HL, HLP, HLPD Quality hydraulic oils, industrial hydraulic oils

    Reliable high-performance hydraulic oils in dry work areas. Choose from water-repellent or moisture-wicking liquids. Simple hydraulic oils without essential additives are among the modern applications. Loose tank trucks, 1,000 L containers, barrels, canister deliveries.

    Low-viscosity hydraulic oils have been classified as dangerous goods by law (after 100 years +). This means that the transport of dangerous goods is expensive and documentation is required according to ADR for these lubricating liquids up to 20 ²mm / s 40 ° C. Certain product adjustments have been made.

    For construction machines + vehicles + ships see HVLP hydraulic oils + EAL-Bio Fluids.

  • HVLP, HVLPD Hydraulic...

    HVLP, HVLPD multigrade hydraulic oils

    in very good quality HVLP, use in wet areas, with a larger temperature delta, marine. Water-repellent multigrade hydraulic oil. Use in construction machinery, marine, forklifts, hydraulic controls ... Some applications as moisture-absorbing. Loose tank trucks, 1,000 L containers, barrels, canister deliveries.

    EAL Bio Hydraulic Oils under EAL Bio Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids

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