Turbo Fluid DR 46
  • Turbo Fluid DR 46

Turbo S5 DR 46

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Flame retardant hydraulic fluid and turbine lubricating oil. Shell Turbo Fluid DR 46 is a flame-retardant hydraulic and lubricating oil based on tri-aryl phosphates. Lubrication of Steam and Gas Turbines Shell Turbo Fluid DR 46, now Shell Turbo S5 DR 46, can be used to lubricate the main bearings in steam and gas turbines, generators and coolant pumps.

lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter
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Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

· Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 is approved and/or exceeds the requirements of the major original equipment manufacturers such as General Electric (GE), Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS), and Siemens, etc.

· Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 is approved by FM (Factory Mutual) Global against Standard 6930 for 'Less flammable hydraulic fluids'. It also meets the requirements of ISO Standard 12922 and ASTM 4293 for HFDR-type fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

Typical Physical Characteristics (excerpt)

Properties  Method Shell Turbo S5 DR 46
ISO Viscosity Grade  ISO 3448 46
Density @200C kg/m3  ISO 3675 1 150
Flash Point (COC) 0C  ASTM D92 262
Fire Point (COC) 0C  ASTM D92 354
Pour Point 0C  ISO 3016 - 24

Main Applications

· Hydraulic fluid
It can be used as the hydraulic fluid in electrohydraulic governor control (EHC) systems in steam and gas turbines.

· Lubrication of steam and gas turbines
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 can also be used as the lubricating oil for main bearings in steam and gas turbines, generators and cooling pumps. As a precaution its compatibility with system components should be confirmed.

Compatibility & Miscibility

· Compatibility - Packing, seals and hoses
The following materials are recommended for use with Shell Turbo S5 DR 46: Butyl rubbers, Nylon, PTFE, VITON rubber (depending on operation temperature range).

· Compatibility - Paints
Attention must be paid to painted surfaces. Cured epoxy paints are regarded as resistant to Shell Turbo S5 DR 46.

Compatibility - Other fluids

Shell Turbo S5 DR can be mixed in any proportion with other phosphate ester fluids. However, when combining different phosphate ester products, it is always suggested to monitor the performance of the system. The mixing of phosphate ester fluids with mineral oil and polyol esters, polyalkylene glycol and water-based fluids should be avoided. For more information, please consult your Shell Contact.

Performance, Features & Benefits

· Excellent fire resistance
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 is a high-performance phosphate ester self-extinguishing fire-resistant fluid, offering high flash point, high fire point and high auto ignition temperature. It minimises the risk of fire, which could potentially be caused by mineral oil products.

· Good oxidation stability
To provide long service life under normal operating conditions.

· Good hydrolytic stability
Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 is to a great extent able to withstand rapid decomposition of the base fluid under the influence of moisture and water in the oil system.

· Good demulsibility
To enable rapid separation from water for improved service intervals.

· Controlled air release
Good air-release minimises air entrainment in lubrication and governor control systems in order to ensure safe operation of the whole equipment.

· Low foaming
Minimal tendency for foaming to provide proper lubrication and heat transfer.

Shell Turbo S5 DR 46 is an advanced low toxicity fireresistant hydraulic fluid that is trixylenyl phosphate (TXP)- free and is designed specifically to comply with future EU
REACH regulations for use in EHC systems. It is a fully formulated fluid based on tert-butylphenylphosphate.

ADR dangerous goods 3082 ENVIRONMENTALLY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE, LIQUID, N.O.S. (Phenol, isobutylenated, phosphate [Triphenyl phosphate ≥ 0.25 ≤25%]) 04-2020 MSDS - ask for latest MSDS before shipping

 Hazard statements : 
 PHYSICAL HAZARDS: Not classified as a physical hazard according to CLP criteria.
 HEALTH HAZARDS: Not classified as a health hazard under CLP criteria.
 ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: H411 Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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