Lubricating Greases

Multi-purpose grease EP2 cartridges, transmission fluid grease, roller bearing greases, lithium NLGI 2, EAL bio greases, industrial greases, high-performance greases, marine greases, truck greases, Central plant fats, calcium fats

Newly developed lubricating greases from ELA bio-grease to synthetic grease for applications on sea water, the "hot zone" in the factory to fast bearings: The correct use of the respective grease should reliably minimize friction + temperature + wear + contamination = save costs and replacement. Choose your grease based on the bearing manufacturer's requirements - performance, temperature ranges, technology and NLGI grade. With the right selection you can lower the storage temperature by up to 50 ° C. You should achieve a kappa between 1 and 4. We have the fat for it! The color of a fat is not a quality characteristic. Our experienced grease experts can assist you in your selection or recommend or develop the most suitable greases for your specific application requirements. In industrial plants, one fat can replace up to 8 others and lead to very high monetary savings. We have the fat for it! Our recommendation helios FSR Revolution EP. Industry 4.0 lubricating grease is alive. Saving Lithium is replaced with synthetic calcium fats, some as EAL Bio, to save CO2.

The best, contemporary qualities replace simple or older fat in our range. We offer new generations of fat formulations.


  • Industrial Greases

    Multi-purpose grease cartridges EP2, EAL bio greases, transmission fluid greases, adhesive greases, roller bearing greases, calcium greases, lithium greases, MOS2 greases, long-life greases, NLGI 00-000, wire rope greases, white greases,

    Industrial greases are high quality and durable for universal use with a focus. Helios multipurpose grease EP, with / without graphite, PTFE, MoS² for loads in daily use with emergency running properties. Suitable for central lubrication systems. Physical supplier to industry and trade since 1919.

  • High Performance Greases

    Synthetic grease, EAL Bio RAIL track grease, polyurea grease, high temperature grease, wind turbine grease, chisel paste, marine grease
    The highest demands are placed on the environment and synthetic fats. Always in use, tirelessly at high or low temperatures or "simply" in the food sector. "Very slowly" or "fairly quickly" with "vibrations" is the area of application for high-performance greases, e.g. wind turbines. Apparently conflicting requirements can be brought together in certain parts. We cover a wide range from high vaccum fats to polyuret and "drilling platform fats". You can find various pastes or silicone greases at helios lubes.

  • Marine Greases

    EAL VGP bio marine fats, EAL stabilizer fats, multipurpose fats EP-SAL salt water resistant, neon fats, synthetic marine fats, wire rope fats, crane fats
    EAL VGP greases for rudders, stabilizers, hydraulics at helios lubes. Furthermore, open drives, highly stressed tooth clutches, sliding guides, large-link chains and closed wire ropes, spray systems, seawater-resistant, seawater-repellent are to be operated. 

  • Transmission Fluid...

    Transmission fluid grease 00-000, LS-EP 00, transmission fluid grease 0, EAL Hyperlub 00, central system lubricating grease, grease 0% water-endangering components WGK 0 n.a.g.,
    Use in industrial gears + open drives or e-motors. Can be pumped well in very long pipelines at very low to high temperatures. Use in geared motors and lubrication of roller and slide bearings as well as other sliding surfaces. In automatic lubrication systems in factories, the grease can take up to 3 years to reach the lubrication point. Here you will find the fats that can patiently wait for their use.

  • Car Truck Fats

    Truck central lubricating greases, water-resistant greases, Neon EP multi-purpose grease, chassis greases, white greases,
    Car greases for truck central lubrication systems, wheel bearing greases, axle greases, special greases. Car fats are available.

  • Maintenance Spray -...

    Corrosion protection spray, HL40 W maintenance oil, metal-metal creep adhesive grease spray, maintenance oils, wood lubricants
    Synthetic light-colored inside link lubrication for chains. Don't rattle and groan; these should buzz. Many sprays for leak detection, multispray, high temperature and more for many applications, such as wooden lubricants or threaded spindles, bolts, screw connections, slideways, oscillating bearings or high loads or surface pressures

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