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Water Miscible Coolant Fluids

KSS water-miscible concentrate, CNC machine cooling, CNC greases, KSS high pressure fluids, Lathe milling,

Various water-miscible cooling lubricants are used. The products we use are free of chlorine, boron, nitrite and amines! The latest products are also free of formaldehyde. Active and continuously developed for decades. TRGS 611, VDI 3035 and BGR 143 are a matter of course.

  • Very good wetting and flushing behavior
  • Clean machines - less residue build-up
  • Very little lime soap formation
  • No filter clogging or blocking
  • Good anti-corrosion properties
  • Lower concentrations can be achieved
  • Economical due to lower drag-out losses
  • Good biostability generates longer service lives
  • Good machine cleanliness and good dirt-carrying capacity, especially when machining castings.
  • Both boron-free and boron-containing products are available
  • Alternative formulations to prevent bacterial and fungal resistance

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