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GTL synthetic cutting oils

GTL cutting oils are free of mineral oil. GTL coolants consist of environmentally friendly CNG (EAL) base fluid. From Houghton developed for machining Industie. GTL synthetic coolants.

- Better health through very small proportion of aromatic hydrocarbons
- High flash point is fire protection in industry
- Improved air quality in the workplace due to low evaporation. More cleanliness and less risk of slipping in the hall.
- Improved lubrication at high temperature on the cutting edge.
- Lower consumption due to lower evaporation. Kostengünsitger other synthetic base oils.
- High UV and aging stability for a high bath life.
- Low pour point reduces the risk of frost damage of the fresh oil.

- Energy efficient through low pump load

- Cutting oil for machining parts industry
- Multi-purpose oil for the machining of non-ferrous metals, cast iron and steel
- Powerful cutting, grinding and Neat with good extreme pressure properties.
- Grinding and cutting oil for gear production, profile and generating grinding
- High-alloyed cutting and Neat, use eg in the manufacturing of common rail injectors and pumps
- Cutting and broaching oil for demanding machining in automotive components
- Heavy-duty machining such as the spaces of racks for steering or workpieces made of nickel or titanium alloys

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