Oilfield Solution Fluids

Oil Field Solution Fluids, BASF Drilling Fluids, Oil Production Drilling Cementing Stimulating Producing EOR,

Wide range of high quality fluids for oilfield applications to help service companies meet the changing needs of the oilfield industry. We supply a wide range of high performance chemicals for all application areas within the oilfield: drilling, cementing, stimulating, producing and EOR. Ask for your express supply and oilfield support


  • Drilling + Completion...

    Bentonite Extenders, Viscosifiers, Fluid Loss Additives, Shale Inhibitors, Thinners, Biocides, Dewatering Additives,

    BASF broad portfolio of specialty chemicals designed to support and enhance the drilling process. The focus is on high performing, temperature stable, and contamination tolerant products for drilling fluid systems

  • Well Cementing

    Dispersants Liquiment, Fluid Loss Control Additives Polytrol, Gas Blocking Additives Paragas Basoblock, Retarders CemR, Defoamers Basopur, Spacer Fluids, Hollow Glass Microspheres BasoSpheres,

    Increasing depth and horizontal extension of wellbores today poses new challenges for the flow properties of cement slurries

  • Stimulation Applications

    Acidizing, Acids Baso MSA, Corrosion Inhibitors Basocorr, Gelling Agents Alcomer, Iron Control Agents Basosolve

    Hydraulic Fracturing, Biocides Microbial control, Friction Reducers, Non-Emulsifiers

  • Oil + Gas Production

    Flow Assurance, Paraffin Inhibitors Basoflux, Scale Inhibitors Basoscale, Hydrate Inhibitors Luvicap, 

    Fluid Separation, Demulsifiers Basorol Goup 1-5,  Water Clarifiers Deoilers, 

    Asset Integrity, Biocides Myacide Protectol, Corrosion Inhibitors Basocorr Group 1-3, Dispersants Cleaning Agents, H2S Scavengers Basolon

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