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lube viscosity

lube viscosity

Oil Viscosity

Oil Viscosity

Metalworking fluids

Metalworking oils, cutting oils, slideway oils, hardness fluids, GTL KSS, honing fluids, die oils, punching drawing oils, deep hole drilling oils, stainless steel composite cooling lubricants, multi-purpose automatic oils, grinding oils, forming oils, circulating oils, spindle oils, heat treatment fluids, corrosion protection fluids, cleaners and more are diverse Metalworking and composites - lightweight construction used. Houghton, QuakerHoughton
Competence + specialist knowledge lived in partnership with large manufacturers for general applications up to very special processing operations, taking into account various ordinances and regulations, delivered and made available to customers.


  • Metal Working Oils

    Grinding, honing, machining, punching, flushing, cooling, broaching, deep drilling, tapping, eroding, hobbing, profile cutting, deep and profile cutting, forming, drawing, rolling, tube bending, hardening,

    and many other uses. For ferrous and non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, CrNi steels, titanium,

    Metalworking consists of many different processes and materials.

    Various metalworking oils are usually low in evaporation and fog. For some work steps, the lubricants must partially evaporate or burn.

    Synthetic cutting oils GTL, successfully in use since 01-2015, GTL base oils available here

  • Anti Corrosion Oils

    AntiCorr, DeWatering, metal corrosion protection, production corrosion protection, parts corrosion protection, salt bath corrosion protection,

    Corrosion protection has been developed to ensure short or long-term protection, inside or outside, for surfaces of metals. This protection is needed to keep moisture, water, salt and other substances away. The workpiece or tool can be touched and transported. Dewatering fluids are available for short-term work step interruptions.

    The additional use of AntiCorr powder is timely. It is blown in and infiltrates with its monomolecular structure moist and watery areas. It is not necessary to remove the corrosion protection when work is required. After processing, the processing point “grows in size” thanks to the monomolecular structure of AntiCorr.

  • Water Miscible Coolant...

    KSS water-miscible concentrate, CNC machine cooling, CNC greases, KSS high pressure fluids, Lathe milling,

    Various water-miscible cooling lubricants are used. The products we use are free of chlorine, boron, nitrite and amines! The latest products are also free of formaldehyde. Active and continuously developed for decades. TRGS 611, VDI 3035 and BGR 143 are a matter of course.

    • Very good wetting and flushing behavior
    • Clean machines - less residue build-up
    • Very little lime soap formation
    • No filter clogging or blocking
    • Good anti-corrosion properties
    • Lower concentrations can be achieved
    • Economical due to lower drag-out losses
    • Good biostability generates longer service lives
    • Good machine cleanliness and good dirt-carrying capacity, especially when machining castings.
    • Both boron-free and boron-containing products are available
    • Alternative formulations to prevent bacterial and fungal resistance
  • Heat Treatment

    Hardening, annealing, quenching, tempering, process monitoring, quenching monitoring
    Competence analyzes with first-class laboratory equipment up to a scanning electron microscope for assessing sections in heat treatment. Aim less consumption, resource-saving, clean, avoidance of water in the production aisles. Hardening, annealing, tempering and tempering.
    Competence analysis, process monitoring, deterrent monitoring, cooling lubricant monitoring. Set the budget position for bath changes in good time through accompanying sampling and analysis. Oils don't last forever. Key words acid increase, scale entry, water entry, etc. In the ZTU, note that some cooling must be carried out in order to minimize the workpiece distortion.

  • GTL synthetic cutting...

    GTL cutting oil concentrate, Cut Max Houghton, GTL multi-purpose oil machining, GTL grinding fluid, GTL Scheid deep hole drilling oils, GTL gear manufacturing, profile + generating grinding, GTL broaching oils,
    GTL cutting oils are mineral oil free. GTL cooling lubricants are environmentally friendly (EAL) base fluids that minimize CO2. Developed by Houghton for the machining industry. GTL synthetic cooling lubricants.
    - Better health protection thanks to the very low proportion of aromatic hydrocarbons
    - A high flash point is fire protection in industry
    - Improved air quality in the workplace through low evaporation. More cleanliness and less risk of slipping in the hall.
    - Improved lubrication at high temperature on the tool cutting edge.
    - Less consumption due to less evaporation. More economical compared to other synthetic base oils.
    - High UV and aging stability for a long bath life.
    - A low pour point reduces the risk of frost damage to the fresh oil.
    - Energy efficient due to low pump load

    - Cutting oil for the turned parts industry
    - Multipurpose oil for the machining of non-ferrous metals, gray cast iron and steel
    - High-performance cutting, grinding and deep drilling oil with good high pressure properties.
    - Grinding and cutting oil for gear manufacturing, profile and generating grinding
    - High-alloy cutting and deep drilling oil, used e.g. in the manufacture of common rail injection nozzles and pumps
    - Cutting and broaching oil for demanding machining in the field of automotive components
    - Heaviest machining such as broaching racks for steering systems or workpieces made of nickel or titanium alloys

  • Cleaner Degreaser

    Water-based process cleaners, after-treatment Glavanik Härti, rust removal, corrosion protection cleaners, system cleaners,

    With water-based process cleaners additional productivity and profit maximization by helping to reduce rework and energy consumption.
    Cleaners and degreasers are tailored to the post-treatment, electroplating, hardening shop and other surface-specific requirements of the reprocessing systems and previous rust removal. Dipping, flooding and spraying are the common methods for cleaning and corrosion protection, system cleaners, acidic or solvent-based cleaners depending on the individual processing in the overall process.

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