helios lubeoil® The Lubricant Company 

helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine System supplier lubricants performance since 1920-2017
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Sustainability tested and passed by industrial manufacturer, basesupplier and financial institutes
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine helios lubeoil is the contract partner of many brand manufacturers with direct access to wares and "industry 4.0" companies
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Excellente consulting- e.g. lubricant specifications since 1964
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Supply exclusively original lubricating oils and greases only - from manufacturer directly to application
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Recycling of empty oil and grease packs; Officially approved (Germany); controlled pickup to refill non-authorized third parties.
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Digital synchronization with customers - process cost control
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Qualified delivery - express supply
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Certified professionals e.g. CLS, ISO 9001 ...
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Development of lubricating oils and greases in customer order
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Application-related lubrication oil and grease production for customer applications - Custom Tailored
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine Regulations meet the differentiated and far-reaching lubricants concern e.g. ADR, CLP, Reach, customs approvals marine fuels, etc.
helios The Lubricant Company Industy, Yachts, Marine HLAS Oil analyzes for control and cost reduction

helios lubeoil® The Lubricant Company your lubricant partner for resource-saving energy efficiency and carbon offset (CO² savings). Environmental-legal and environmentally supportive lubricating fluids. Your efficient supplier of high quality lubricants, greases, synthetic lubricants, helios PureFluid®, PAO, PAG Gear Oil, GTL engine oils, etc. with many leading brands. We provide (almost) world your lubricant supply. Reliable, durable catering industry, big business, art, crafts and trades for decades, beginning the 1920s. helios lubeoil independent family business without the participation of third parties.

HLAS oil analysis www.oilanalysis.eu

Supply of industrial plants is usually short with lubricant tankers (pumped) by appointment. Batches of 800 liters to 23,000 liters with e.g. Industrial gear oils CLP 100, or for example, Transformer oil are delivered on time and reliable. Tanker deliveries are made in Germany, Benelux, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Scandinavia, other countries on request. US customer contact mail@helios-lubeoil.us for US supply. Truck workshops and other get car gear oils and engine oils, depending on specification. Of course, smaller packages or containers (IBC) ready for delivery. As ship supply bulk lubricants we are your partner, as well as for function and control fluids subsea. Offshore lubricants and Offshore supplier (next harbour or "drop zone")

Customers with small volumes can benefit from our small amount of the same good service and therefore consulting and high quality as our customers in the high volume area.

Helios is lubeoil® ahead and innovate helios lubes®. By early monitoring of plan and construction stages or production and the production can be possibly later warranties and warranties exclude. By using our recommended lubricant analysis systems increased wear or foreseeable damage can be detected in time. Our customers save time, money and effort by the joint trusting work and deliveries.

We are professional, future-oriented, effective and efficient. We are the future of our customers.

Sustainability we create in partnership. New base fluids are used in many products, mostly mineral oil free. Synthetic esters and GTL (gas to liquid converted) are currently used for gear oils, greases, hydraulic oils and more. As far as possible, we used least BaseOil Group II.

GVÖ: a certified specialist company converts environmentally friendly packaging into recyclable materials. helios lubes® contractual partner.

Since 1919 lubricants are important to us. We prove daily our good quality, price, performance ratio. As a lubricant partner to industry and marine we innovate. We provide reliable quality and analytics.