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Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL 32, 46, 68
  • Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL 32, 46, 68

Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL 32, 46, 68

Mobil SHC™ Hydraulic EAL Meets the EU Blue Angel Ecolabel, SS 155434 and USDA BioPreferred® requirements,

In systems where rapidly biodegradable and minimally toxic oils are required

  • Hydraulic applications where a reduction in energy consumption is desired
  • Circulating lubrication systems with gears and bearings where moderate EP properties are required
  • Systems with servo valves where cleanliness is essential
  • Hydraulic systems operating at oil temperatures ranging from -17°C (1.4°F) to +93°C (199°F).
  • Mobile, marine and forestry machines operating in ecologically sensitive areas
  • Circulating lubrication systems operating under moderate to moderate maintenance conditions
  • Industrial hydraulic systems where leaked or overflowed fluids can end up in the plant wastewater
lube viscosity: VG 32
lube packaging: Drum 208 Liter

The Mobil SHC™ Hydraulic EAL series of oils are biodegradable, synthetic, high-performance hydraulic oils for modern hydraulic systems. The oils were developed to meet the need for environmentally friendly hydraulic lubricants. The Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL series oils are exceptionally high-quality, shear-stable hydraulic oils for a wide temperature range with controlled pumpability at low temperatures and maximized wear protection for hydraulic systems that operate under high loads and high pressures.

*Energy efficiency refers only to oil performance compared to standard ExxonMobil hydraulic oils. The technology used provides up to 3.6% increase in efficiency compared to Mobil DTE 25 when tested in an Eaton 25VMQ vane pump under controlled conditions in accordance with appropriate industry standards and procedures. Efficiency improvements vary depending on operating conditions and application.

Synthetic high-performance hydraulic oil

Features and Benefits

• Meets EU Blue Angel Ecolabel requirements, SS 155434 and USDA BioPreferred®

• Excellent load-carrying and wear protection properties to protect system components against wear and galling and to support extended system life

• Shear-stable, high viscosity index to contribute to long-lasting component protection over a wide temperature range

• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability that can help reduce maintenance time and costs by supporting system cleanliness and reducing deposits, enabling extended oil and filter life

• Excellent demulsifying ability ensures easier separation of water in applications below the waterline

• Good compatibility with elastomers; good effect with the same elastomers where conventional mineral hydraulic oils are used