LNG Mobilität

LNG lubricating oils, CNG engine oils, LNG marine, LNG truck oils

LNG lubricating oils for LNG fuel -> liquid fuel for engines. LNG trucks and LNG marine, LNG ship operation INSTEAD of electricity. Motors + technology has existed for a very long time. Climate neutral, environmentally friendly, methanol slip technically avoidable. Results in absolute zero for the climate (according to current 2019-04 legislation) following LBG. LNG (natural gas) infrastructure is largely in place. Framework conditions set. All types of energy are based on "fossil raw materials", including wind power (rare earths) + solar (silicon). Exhaust gas treatment with urea 40 will remain, existing LNG engine oils are in use. The compression of the natural gas will take place, LNG compressor engines, with helios Gas Compressor Oil. helios E-Fuels PtX: Power-to-gas and power-to-liquid from e.g. wind energy are to be mentioned or the operation of stationary gas engines for power generation ... Here only a part of the current product types is shown. Please contact us about the application area.

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