• Industrial Lubes

    Gear oils industry CLP, PAO, PAG, EAL Bio gear oils industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, machine oils, gear oils, biodegradable oils, EAL environmentally friendly, spindle oils, compressor oils, vacuum pump oils, turbine oils, regulator fluids, heat transfer oils. Gas engine oils. Insulating oils, transformer oils, manufacturing oils, EAL bio-forming oils, helios pure fluid® helios lubricating oils supply port, industry, marine storage near Hamburg, lubricating oils, Cologne lubricating oils and other places in Europe. Our application experience, first-class products + technical advice, paired with our knowledge of global industrial, craft, commercial + yacht supply customers, ensures you professional quality. Helios lubes lubricant management suggests savings potential for users. Industrial service provider lubricating oils + fats. H2 development + supply partner.

  • Lubricating Greases

    Multi-purpose grease EP2 cartridges, transmission fluid grease, roller bearing greases, lithium NLGI 2, EAL bio greases, industrial greases, high-performance greases, marine greases, truck greases, Central plant fats, calcium fats

    Newly developed lubricating greases from ELA bio-grease to synthetic grease for applications on sea water, the "hot zone" in the factory to fast bearings: The correct use of the respective grease should reliably minimize friction + temperature + wear + contamination = save costs and replacement. Choose your grease based on the bearing manufacturer's requirements - performance, temperature ranges, technology and NLGI grade. With the right selection you can lower the storage temperature by up to 50 ° C. You should achieve a kappa between 1 and 4. We have the fat for it! The color of a fat is not a quality characteristic. Our experienced grease experts can assist you in your selection or recommend or develop the most suitable greases for your specific application requirements. In industrial plants, one fat can replace up to 8 others and lead to very high monetary savings. We have the fat for it! Our recommendation helios FSR Revolution EP. Industry 4.0 lubricating grease is alive. Saving Lithium is replaced with synthetic calcium fats, some as EAL Bio, to save CO2.

    The best, contemporary qualities replace simple or older fat in our range. We offer new generations of fat formulations.

  • Marine, Defence

    Marine EAL bio lubricating oils, marine engine oils, marine gear oils, corrosion protection engine, antifreeze engine cooling, subsea fluids, LNG engine oils, engine oil analysis monitoring, urea AUS40, fire restistant fluids

    We are ready: eFuels H2 and others

    download: Decarbonising Shipping: SETTING SHELL’S COURSE 2020

    Marine lubes + Urea AUS 40 + LNG lubricating oils are produced directly for you and pumped by tanker, IBC or drums by agreement. This service is offered in Europe, depending on the region, also by barge. No additional fees / transaction costs for third parties.
    Marine EAL - Bio-approved lubricating oils and greases, as well as motor oils for port management, port operations, public and private, meet EPA Marpol regulations. Shipping companies, operators, management, ship suppliers and ship suppliers will find many Mobil, Shell, Klüber, Texaco, helios, BASF and others premium lubricants. Many international delivery points with brand manufacturers + Germany. Start today & be prepared for tomorrow.
    As an OEM marine lubes supplier, helios creates lubrication plans for owners and shipyards during the construction of ships + marine fuels - marine fuels. The intensive, accompanying support and care takes place almost worldwide. Lubricating oils and greases according to Nato, MIL, DEF STAN, DCSEA, TL, VV-D can be offered. Shell Marine Partner and Shell RLA Service - HLAS analyzes for more than 30 years. National + International Marine lubes


  • e-Mobility e-lubes

    Cooling liquids for electric cars + hydrogen drives fuelcell fuel stack
    H2 Mobile filling station, H2 tank connections, H2 filling station, H2 Helios Hydrogen
    e-Auto EV Electric Vehicle of various energy drives: FHEV, PHEV, REEV, BEV + FCEV

    e-mobility EV energy and drive cooling from helios lubeoil. Example applications: e-bikes, e-cars, e-trucks, e-buses, in-house transport and e-floor conveyors, as well as e-robots in production + private areas are a selection of the very high-quality and long-lasting cooling fluids + oils + greases in use and Consumption. As a BASF sales and development partner, we can offer additional products and services in the event of agreements. Green hydrogen can be stored and transported as a gas or as a liquid and converted into 100% emission-free electricity almost anywhere in the world.

  • Metalworking fluids

    Metalworking oils, cutting oils, slideway oils, hardness fluids, GTL KSS, honing fluids, die oils, punching drawing oils, deep hole drilling oils, stainless steel composite cooling lubricants, multi-purpose automatic oils, grinding oils, forming oils, circulating oils, spindle oils, heat treatment fluids, corrosion protection fluids, cleaners and more are diverse Metalworking and composites - lightweight construction used. Houghton, QuakerHoughton
    Competence + specialist knowledge lived in partnership with large manufacturers for general applications up to very special processing operations, taking into account various ordinances and regulations, delivered and made available to customers.

  • HLAS Oil Analyzes

    Transformer oil small VDE, large VDE, marine HLAS oil analysis, power plants, Shell RLA, oil analysis industrial oils, laboratory gear oil analyzes, rectifiers, transformers, substations, charging connections and power transfer stations. E-mobility requires regular controls.

    Wear, particles, pollution, residues in hydraulic systems and gears. Project-accompanying analyzes of acceptance and handover of systems, machines and major projects as well as land and water vehicles. Control analyzes of non-ferrous metals, injection systems, engine oils, abrasion, entry, sludge. Large quantities of analyzes on specific dates (only with 4 weeks' lead in the project). Accompanying analytics for test stands and test systems.

    Monitoring is offered. For marine, ships and yachts the online Shell RLA system as Shell lubricant partner.

    HLAS lubricating oil and fuel analyzes are a reliable early warning system.

    "Test to Go" for JetA1 (C-19 AOG-WSP) microbiological + water analysis. Jet A1 rapid tests

    Fuel mixtures, diesel fuel damage analyzes, mixtures, soiling, foreign bodies, deposits, sludge, bacteria, fungi and yeasts, and much more is examined, determined, described and commented on in the HLAS analysis system. Laboratory analysis of emergency power supplies. More at www.oilanalysis.eu 

  • Aviation Oils,...

    Aircraft lubricants, Shell water test, Jet A1 HYLiTE microbiology test, HYLitE PEN Jet A1 test, AeroShell Fluid, AeroShell Grease, Mobil Jet We ask for your understanding that many aviation products are not generally available. Shell Water Detector Test, helicopter gear oils, aviation greases down to - 50 ° C; Aviation Nato-Code, DEF STAN, MIL oils and fats ...

  • Truck Engine Oils,...

    Truck engine oils KMXX 10-W40, gear oils, ATF, Glysantin radiator anti-freeze protection BASF, anti-freeze washers, sports car low-viscosity oils

    Helios Premium engine oils are in daily use for diesel and gasoline engines with / without diesel particle filters, catalytic converters or turbochargers. DPF engine oils (LowSaps) 5W-30 UHPD or 10W-40 KMXX for trucks ... and many more brands ...
    Today, high-quality engine oils are more subject to regulation than ever. High-performance, clean lubricating oils operated with clean fuel use the protection of the high investment in machines, generators and bio power generation motors, as well as the environment. We supply transport and production companies with engine oils and various urea solutions (AdBlue + Urea). Political decisions lead you to our e-mobility lubricants and H2 hydrogen coolants

  • RAIL transmission +...

    EAL Bio switch track lubricants, RAIL H2 hydrogen coolant TRAIN, RAIL EAL wheel flange agent, RAIL EAL 00 fluid grease, RAIL wagon grease

    RAIL lubricants are sophisticated formulations with a special focus. In addition to national approvals, there are many high quality products with long service life available. If machines are not encapsulated, the EAL - Bio requirement for lubricating fluids + lubricating greases applies.

  • Forest + Wood Industry

    EAL lubricants, special fuels, forestry, wood industry, KWF water saw chains fluid (LUMBERJACK products)

    All at least "Blue Angel" or "Ecolable" or "KWF Test"

    - E-saws + cordless saws water-based lubricating fluid, operating temperature down to approx. -10 ° C (no mineral oil or synthetic components)
    - Saw chain oil, water-based high-performance chain lubricant for chainsaws
    - Special fuels forestry + timber industry
    - Harvester high-performance saws high-performance lubricants (cold test passed at -18 ° C / 72 h)
    - Gate oils timber industry
    - Saw chain adhesive oil 68, 100, 150 (based on vegetable oils + free of synthetic + mineral oil)
    - Saw chain oil year-round oil (mineral oil base)

    Other lubricating fluids used in the wood industry and industrial woodworking: wood sliding oils, chain lubricants, saw chain oils, hydraulic couplings, tractor oils, tractor oils, environmentally friendly synthetic, Agri engine and gear oils

  • helios events®...

    helios events® lubricant training courses, lubricant oil manufacturer presentations, CO2 reducing lubricants

    for example lubricant management, lubricating oils + fats: properties and handling; HLAS sampling: How do I take and pack samples for correct analysis results; Fuels, Bacteria, and Diesel Handling; helios pure fluid®: Productivity gains through GTL cutting oils !; PAO Gear Oils an advantage in manufacturing?

  • Absorbents Oil Barriers

    Oil binders, oil + chemical absorbent fleeces, oil barriers, oil absorbents

    which only absorb oil (also soaked) float on water. Usual commercial disposal "oil rags"
    Lint-free wipes. Absorbent carpets for the floor; only change small areas in case of spillage.
    The capacity is up to 25 times its own weight. (e.g. pre-cut drum cover drum suction wiping, care and cleaning cloths approx. 85 grams = approx. 1.25 liters of engine oil soaked up)
    Consumption and disposal are particularly time and cost-saving with high economic efficiency and productivity.
    - Low weight and quick to use
    - No dust, no sweeping and sweeping
    - Preventive use prevents the risk of slipping (here especially suction carpet)
    - Controlled, economical use of quantities (in contrast to litter and granules)
    - Good calorific value for disposal, with less than 0.05% ash residue

  • LNG Mobilität

    LNG lubricating oils, CNG engine oils, LNG marine, LNG truck oils

    LNG lubricating oils for LNG fuel -> liquid fuel for engines. LNG trucks and LNG marine, LNG ship operation INSTEAD of electricity. Motors + technology has existed for a very long time. Climate neutral, environmentally friendly, methanol slip technically avoidable. Results in absolute zero for the climate (according to current 2019-04 legislation) following LBG. LNG (natural gas) infrastructure is largely in place. Framework conditions set. All types of energy are based on "fossil raw materials", including wind power (rare earths) + solar (silicon). Exhaust gas treatment with urea 40 will remain, existing LNG engine oils are in use. The compression of the natural gas will take place, LNG compressor engines, with helios Gas Compressor Oil. helios E-Fuels PtX: Power-to-gas and power-to-liquid from e.g. wind energy are to be mentioned or the operation of stationary gas engines for power generation ... Here only a part of the current product types is shown. Please contact us about the application area.

  • Lubes Additive

    Lubricant additives, EAL additives, corrosion protection additives, VI improvers, synthetic additives, base oils

    Additives are the essential part in the specific production of the respective properties of lubricating oils, greases and metal working fluids for a wide variety of applications. Industrial gear additives, multi-range motors additives, grease additives and many more. Manufacturers Europe united !!

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