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Perfecto HTS 0801
  • Perfecto HTS 0801

Perfecto HTS 0801


Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 is recommended for use in pressureless, closed heat transfer systems with high operating temperatures. Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 can be used in the temperature range between -5 ° C (up to this temperature it can be pumped with standard centrifugal pumps) and approx. + 350 ° C flow temperature.

lube packaging: Drum 208 Liter
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The film temperature, i. The wall temperature on the heat transfer side must not exceed 380 ° C
Of the plant. Otherwise there is a risk of thermal decomposition of the heat transfer medium. Before filling the heat transfer system, it must be subjected to a pressure test for possible leaks (do not use water). The system should then be rinsed and filled with a new Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801. When filling, ensure good ventilation of the heat transfer system. When commissioning, the system should be slowly heated up. In the temperature range around 120 ° C, the temperature should be kept constant for some time so that any moisture present can evaporate. The expansion vessel is the only place where the heat carrier comes into contact with air.
Although Castrol Perfecto HTS 0801 is stable to oxidation, the heat carrier in the expansion vessel should be covered with inert gas (for example with nitrogen) at very high temperatures.

• further temperature range
• good thermal stability
• Maximum application temperature is higher than for mineral oil-based heat exchangers
• No boiling range but high boiling point
• high max. Permissible film temperature