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lube viscosity

lube viscosity

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil

Oil Viscosity

Oil Viscosity

Property lubricants

Property lubricants



Industrial Lubes

Gear oils industry CLP, PAO, PAG, EAL Bio gear oils industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, machine oils, gear oils, biodegradable oils, EAL environmentally friendly, spindle oils, compressor oils, vacuum pump oils, turbine oils, regulator fluids, heat transfer oils. Gas engine oils. Insulating oils, transformer oils, manufacturing oils, EAL bio-forming oils, helios pure fluid® helios lubricating oils supply port, industry, marine storage near Hamburg, lubricating oils, Cologne lubricating oils and other places in Europe. Our application experience, first-class products + technical advice, paired with our knowledge of global industrial, craft, commercial + yacht supply customers, ensures you professional quality. Helios lubes lubricant management suggests savings potential for users. Industrial service provider lubricating oils + fats. H2 development + supply partner.


  • Industrial Gear Oils

    Gear oil industry are used in newer machines as EAL - organic formulations, as well as the classic good gear oils in the best quality. Please contact us to deliver varieties + quantities tailored to your requirements and budget.

    You can find EAL organic gear oils as helios pure fluid® - pure GearOil

    Depending on the application, different base oils are used for the respective purpose. This starts with the general mineral gear oils for the industry as CLP ISO VG 68 to ISO VG 680. For stressed or appropriately designed gearboxes, the gear oil can consist of PAO polyalphaoelfins, synthetic esters or other base fluids such as CLP or PAG. Please pay attention to seal compatibility and mixing requirements or incompatibilities.

  • Hydraulic Fluids

    Hydraulics HL, HLP, HVLP, HVLPD fluids for construction machinery, industrial systems, locking and lifting devices, EAL Bio hydraulic oils for lock gates, quick-closing + safety systems, water-sensitive applications or simply the authorities' request for EAL Bio hydraulic oils, e.g. in cooling water pumps - none here water-polluting oils in pipes or hose lines - no protection of existing systems -> here the relieving hydraulic fluid

    Flame-resistant hydraulic fluids in e.g. fire doors, die-casting systems, heat-releasing machining processes and more ... ordered here!

    Synthetic hydraulic oils, hydraulic fluids, EAL bio hydraulic oils for very high demands on performance and the environment, we supply well-known manufacturers and plants in Germany + Europe + UK - The Lubricant Company - You are at the right place!

  • Slideway Oils

    Slideway oils, slideway oils, CNC slideway gear oils

    are compatible with plastics. "Anti stick slip" properties are common. Use our multipurpose grease EP 2, hydraulic oils special and helios cooling lubricants so that your CNC center runs smoothly.

  • Heat transfer fluids

    Heat transfer oils, synthetic heat transfer media, heat exchanger fluid cold + hot, solar systems heat transfer fluid with frost protection, heat exchanger cleaner

    Applications of the use of heat transfer fluids for heating or cooling. In order to obtain corrosion protection and frost protection, heat carrier analyzes are necessary and must be repeated regularly in order to ensure the profitability of the systems.

  • Compressoroils

    Piston compressor oils, screw compressor oils, synthetic compressor oils, gas compressor oils

    Compressors or compressors generate pressure on gaseous media. Lubrication has a major impact on the operating behavior of compressors. The selection and correct application of suitable lubricants is therefore of particular importance in maintaining safe, trouble-free and economical operation. The requirements and the selection criteria depend on the type of compressor, the type of gas to be compressed, the degree of compression and the final compression temperature. Compressor oils are used in:

    • Refrigeration compressors (see refrigeration oils)
    • Vacuum pumps
    • Reciprocating compressors
    • Reciprocating compressors
    • Diaphragm piston compressor (mechanical)
    • Electric vibrating compressor
    • Rotary compressor
    • Labyrinth piston compressor
    • Rotary piston compressor (also multi-cell or rotary vane compressor)
    • Screw compressors
    • Capsule compressor (also twin-shaft rotary piston or Roots compressor)
    • Turbo compressor
    • Axial turbo compressor (also impeller compressor)
    • Radial turbo compressor (also centrifugal compressor)
  • Transformer oils

    Transformer oils, rectifier oils, insulating oils

    are characterized by purity, oxidation stability and dielectric strength so that they can have an insulating effect. The diagnosis of power transformers based on their long service life is crucial for their operability and service life. For this purpose, an analysis procedure is used to determine the condition of a transformer. The analysis systems are based on models of the individual components of a transformer's insulation system. This includes the cellulose layers and the oil. Basic component of energy supply with HLAS oil analyzes

  • Turbine Oils

    Premium Hochleistungs-Turbinenöle und Umlauföle für Gas-, Dampf- und Wasserturbinen

  • Gas Engine Oils

    Gas engine oils, gas engine oil analysis, LNG gas engines, H2 gas engine coolants

    Gas engine oils stationary power generation Heat generation with hydrogen. Your HLAS oil analysis accompaniment to work efficiently and economically.

  • Refrigeration Oils

    Refrigeration oils, synthetic refrigeration compressor oils

    The compression refrigeration machine is the most common type of refrigeration machine. Mostly synthetic refrigeration machine oil is used, depending on the refrigerant used (e.g. R134a, ammonia, etc.). The packaging units are small because refrigeration machine oil is hygroscopic. The storage time is limited. In part, this is expressed in mean delivery times.

  • EAL formwork oils

    EAL formwork oils concrete + asphalt, EAL formwork oils aqueous emulsion wood formwork

    are special release agents for the concrete industry, can also be used in the asphalt industry. Above all, they are ideally suited for in-situ concrete and also protect construction machines and construction vehicles from caking concrete and asphalt. All raw materials are easily biodegradable.

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