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Mehrzweckfett EP 2
  • Mehrzweckfett EP 2
  • Mehrzweckfett EP 2
  • Mehrzweckfett EP 2
  • Mehrzweckfett EP 2

helios Druckluftöl 32

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Compressed Air Tool Oil, Compressed Air Oil Mining, Compressed Air Oil Industry, Rock Drill Oils, Percussion Rotating Air Tool Oil,

helios compressed air oils are mainly used for the lubrication of compressed air tools in underground and overhead mining, in construction and many industrial applications. They are suitable for striking and rotating compressed air tools. Adhesive at the same time sufficient emulsifiability for moisture in the air stream
and thus to reduce wear and corrosion,

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
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The viscosity classes allow for year-round use (down to -40 ° C) with seasonal extreme temperature changes. The oils provide good protection against wear and corrosion. They have an optimally balanced ratio between adhesion and at the same time sufficient emulsion capacity to absorb moisture in the air stream, thereby reducing wear and corrosion. There are no deposits that affect the functionality of the valves. Even in the presence of water helios compressed air oils provide a consistent lubricating film.

• Compressed air stone drills in underground and surface mining
• Pneumatic tools in road and building construction
• Stone drills in the quarry industry
• Nail guns in the wood industry
• Beating and rotating air tools in industrial and manufacturing applications, packaging equipment
• Truck Pneumatic Pneumatic Systems

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