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HLAS Oil Analyzes

Transformer oil small VDE, large VDE, marine HLAS oil analysis, power plants, Shell RLA, oil analysis industrial oils, laboratory gear oil analyzes, rectifiers, transformers, substations, charging connections and power transfer stations. E-mobility requires regular controls.

Wear, particles, pollution, residues in hydraulic systems and gears. Project-accompanying analyzes of acceptance and handover of systems, machines and major projects as well as land and water vehicles. Control analyzes of non-ferrous metals, injection systems, engine oils, abrasion, entry, sludge. Large quantities of analyzes on specific dates (only with 4 weeks' lead in the project). Accompanying analytics for test stands and test systems.

Monitoring is offered. For marine, ships and yachts the online Shell RLA system as Shell lubricant partner.

HLAS lubricating oil and fuel analyzes are a reliable early warning system.

"Test to Go" for JetA1 (C-19 AOG-WSP) microbiological + water analysis. Jet A1 rapid tests

Fuel mixtures, diesel fuel damage analyzes, mixtures, soiling, foreign bodies, deposits, sludge, bacteria, fungi and yeasts, and much more is examined, determined, described and commented on in the HLAS analysis system. Laboratory analysis of emergency power supplies. More at 

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