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Shell RLA Analysis
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Shell RLA Analysis

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Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis is an oil condition monitoring service that helps you to keep your vessels running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical. Shell RLA will help your business to save money and time on maintenance caused by equipment failures. Please ask for Shell Marine Service authentification and set up for use at helios lubes.


Shell RLA is not available for insulation oil, not for fuel or Jet A1 analysis. Please ask at HLAS helios analysis for these analytics. HLAS logon available for customers. Shell RLA is for lubricants marine prefered.  More and detailed analysis at HLAS www.oilanalysis.eu Shell Services are assigned to helios lubeoil for Superyachts, Ultra-Large Yachts and other special Marine "objects" and vessel refit www.superyachtlube.eu 

It is an early-warning system that aims to give you the peace of mind that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

  • Over 30 years of sample analysis, with more than 170,000 samples analysed each year
  • More than 1,200 customers, with 9,000 vessels
  • Six ISO-accredited laboratories worldwide using ASTM and in-house test methods
  • Proven logistics and report response times giving an accurate and timely service worldwide
  • Single global IT platform coupled to a single global database
  • Covers every type of machinery on board a vessel
  • Diagnosis by a multidisciplinary team of marine and lubricant experts
  • All reports and web systems in local languages

Ask for analysis kit and sample bottles. Shell RLA Lab sent in address avaialable.

Used-oil analysis is a key tool in managing preventive and predictive maintenance. Many leading shipping companies use Shell RLA as an important part of their planned and predictive maintenance strategies to help deliver

  • greater equipment reliability and reduced downtime through early diagnosis of potential faults
  • analysis results for all normal samples available within 48 hours of samples reaching the lab
  • quick and timely results
  • lower machine repair costs
  • high safety standards
  • precise monitoring of operating efficiency.

Analysis shows that the return on investment can be up to 14 times the cost of the service.

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Shell RLA An oil condition monitoring service that helps you to keep your vessels running smoothly.

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