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Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil

Oil Viscosity

Oil Viscosity

Property lubricants

Property lubricants



Truck Engine Oils, Gear Oils

Truck engine oils KMXX 10-W40, gear oils, ATF, Glysantin radiator anti-freeze protection BASF, anti-freeze washers, sports car low-viscosity oils

Helios Premium engine oils are in daily use for diesel and gasoline engines with / without diesel particle filters, catalytic converters or turbochargers. DPF engine oils (LowSaps) 5W-30 UHPD or 10W-40 KMXX for trucks ... and many more brands ...
Today, high-quality engine oils are more subject to regulation than ever. High-performance, clean lubricating oils operated with clean fuel use the protection of the high investment in machines, generators and bio power generation motors, as well as the environment. We supply transport and production companies with engine oils and various urea solutions (AdBlue + Urea). Political decisions lead you to our e-mobility lubricants and H2 hydrogen coolants


  • Truck Premium Engine Oils

    Truck engine oils UHPD 5W-30, LKW KMXX 10W-40, Shell Rimula, Mobil Delvac, Aral Turboral

    Truck premium engne oils the most modern engine oils for DB, MAN, DAF, IVECO in barrels, IBC, bulk truck from 6,000 L, commercial buyers only

  • Car Cooling Fluids

    FuelCell engine frost cooling corrosion protection, H2 car cooling fluid Glysantin FG20, Glysantin G64 all Volvo, Glysantin G48, Gysantin G05 Wind + Newtimer, Glysantin G30 (technology of the 80s)

    FuelCell vehicles require qualified cooling of the energy unit and heat dissipation from use, climate-friendly EV vehicles, e-cars, and frost protection must also be guaranteed. BASF sales + development partner of the auto industry + other manufacturers H2 coolants, helios lubes offers workshops, vehicle manufacturers, energy-accumulator-battery manufacturers supply + technical support for purchasing goods.

  • Gear Oils Vehicles

    Gear oils Multi Auto ATF, GL4-GL5 80W-90, Dexron III, Synt 75W-80, 75W-90 gear oils, Shell Spirax, e-Gear HL Synt 1865

    Synthetic high-performance oils guarantee excellent lubrication and friction properties even in extremely demanding applications, which in automatic passenger car transmissions reduce material wear and ensure smoother gear changes. By optimizing the lubricating properties, lower fuel consumption and thus fewer CO2 emissions are achieved.

  • Car Premium Engine Oils

    Premium DPF 5W-30, Synt 0W-20, Shell Helix, Irgalube FE1,

    Car premium motor oils for craft, trade, industry, barrels, IBC, loose from 6,000L, commercial buyers only

  • Car Window Cleaner

    Car window cleaner winter concentrate down to -60 ° C, depending on the mixing ratio, in summer with insect cleaner, the summer + winter fluids can be mixed. There is therefore no need to laboriously change the windscreen washer fluid. Suitable for polycarbonate panes.

    Sure: CLEAR VIEW

  • LNG Truck + Car Oils

    LNG engine oil used in truck drives.

    LNG gas-to-liquid is the production of natural gas in climate-friendly base oils = GTL. Is used as a base in fuels + lubricants or added to them.

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