Glysantin FC G20 ReadyMix/50 Coolant for fuel cells
  • Glysantin FC G20 ReadyMix/50 Coolant for fuel cells
  • Glysantin FC G20 ReadyMix/50 Coolant for fuel cells
  • Glysantin FC G20 ReadyMix/50 Coolant for fuel cells
  • Glysantin FC G20 ReadyMix/50 Coolant for fuel cells

Glysantin FC G20 ReadyMix/50 Coolant for fuel cells

Glysantin FC G20 buy at Premium BASF supplier helios lubes,

Coolant for fuel cells Glysantin® FC G 20-00/50 Ready-to-use, inhibited radiator protection based on ethylene glycol / water with very low electrical conductivity. Not suitable for combustion engines. Graduated prices and / or 1,000 L IBC on request.

lube packaging: Box 5 x 5L

Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 has been specially developed for use in fuel cell systems such as PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane = Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell) and is not suitable as a conventional coolant in internal combustion engines.

Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 is suitable for application temperatures below -30 ° C to + 90 ° C.

Conventional radiator protection agents are unsuitable for use in cooling circuits of fuel cells because of their very high electrical conductivity. Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 has long-term stable and very low electrical conductivity thanks to the use of selected nonionic inhibitors. Thus, a safe, electrical operation of the fuel cell unit is possible.

In addition to heat dissipation, Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 provides safe frost protection down to -36 ° C. The metals commonly used in common cooling systems from PEMFC are well protected against corrosion.

Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 is ready to use, so it does not need to be diluted with water. Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 contains approx. 48Vol% ethylene glycol. Further dilution is possible with distilled or demineralized water, if its electrical

Conductivity is not higher than 2 μS / cm (at 25 ° C). However, as the corrosion protection of Glysantin FC G 20-00 / 50 is reduced, an addition of more than 10% of demineralized water is foreseeable. Addition of ethylene glycol can not significantly improve the antifreeze and also leads to the reduction of corrosion protection


Mixing - even with minor parts - a conventional radiator or other saline media makes the fuel cell coolant unusable. Therefore, pay attention to maximum cleanliness during filling. Opened containers with Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 must be resealed immediately.

Coolant for upstream electrolyzers: Glysantin G64

Electric conductivity

Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 has a frost-protecting effect compared to deionized water. Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 helps to keep the electrical conductivity at a level required for the safety of the system longer than non-inhibited glycol / water mixtures.

This behavior is exemplified by results of a test in which the electrical conductivity does not increase after suitable inhibition of the coolant.

The long-term protection of Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50 can be further increased by using a suitable mixed-bed ion exchanger in the cooling circuit.

Material compatibility (excerpt):

Compatible: Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, graphite, PTFE, PE

Incompatible: zinc, galvanized steel, cast iron, structural steel

Beware of polymer materials and sealant materials, as these often contain fillers and auxiliaries that can have a negative effect on the electrical conductivity. Examples are: EPDM, PVC, PA66, silicone rubber, Viton.

Get advice before using Glysantin® FC G20 ReadyMix/50.


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