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Lubes Forsale, We use EAL-Bio lubricants, with technical equivalence, instead of previous ones - sustainably saving. Many small, larger and challenging care tasks; Consulting OEM manufacturers; Express deliveries in Europe Marine, industrial lubricants, new greases ... helios is your system supplier. Ready with new lubricating fluids in 2021 + future! H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN

Lubricants are a basic requirement for the production of electricity, energy is life, electricity is generated after using lubricants to produce the electricity production machines, such as turbines, rectifiers, solar panels, wind turbines, gears, and many others, without lubricants there is no electricity production,

Buy Lubricants, High-quality lubricants, in relation to the use, are primarily CO2 minimizing machines. Lubricants are exponential CO2 quantity saving tools.

Lubes.Forsale, Energy savings through lubricants and their usage test Use our oil analysis laboratory tests with online + app tools - simply iconic with HLAS OILANALYSIS.eu

Lubes.Forsale, We prefer CO2-reduced lubricants + coolant manufacturers, with the same technical product performance, (2021-Nov) Basically, the production of lubricants + coolants in the basic production was replaced / supplemented with many different bio / CO2-lowering components, this will lead to this shortly essential lubricants are CO2 reduced, for example already on the market today Glysantin G64 with approx. 83% CO2 saving and many more, for strong CO2 reductions there is a lack of bio / CO2 lower raw materials,

COVID-19 pandemic (C-19) has brought about a scarcity of raw materials + a limited number of manufacturing plants that limit the available supply delivery times have risen sharply. Prices are volatile in the short term.

03/23/2022: currently all prices are indications - quantities and delivery times only for the respective order, from 04/01/2022 further price increases depending on availability, ALL PRICES and QUANTITIES SUSPENDED because many varieties cannot be produced or can only be produced with a long delivery time, until until further notice, at least Januar 1st, 2023 (probably due to the nationalization of several major German refineries in 09-2022, among other things)

Raw material saving, latest lubricating greases + oils, LNG lubes, diesel + e-fuels for industry, crafts, trades, construction sites; Commercial heating oil for hall, craft, home + office; H2 Helios Hydrogen Vessel Energy, H2 fuelstation commercial, EAL transformer oil, forklift motor oils truck, production manufacturing, heavy industry, toolmaking, automotive, formwork oils, separating oils injection molding, gray cast iron, power plants, metalworking oils, food oils, boron + formaldehyde-free cutting lubricants WMF, turbine oils, insulating oils, truck engine oils, truck workshop supply, gear oils , EAL BIO fluids, synthetic industrial gear oils, subsea fluids offshore, flame retardant hydraulic oils and much more for land, subsea and underwater applications; Lubricating oils in canister, barrel, IBC 1.000L packaging or bulk ex RTW minimum 6.000L. Supplementary status determination: OILANALYSIS.EU 

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