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Lubricants Buy EAL organic lubricating oils We use lubricating greases where they are technically equivalent, instead of the previous ones - sustainably saving CO2 primarily energy. Here more lubricating fluids + antifreeze-cooling-corrosion protection made from renewable raw materials. Empty lubricant container recycling with 90% CO2 savings. Additional internal CO2 reduction through the new 5 MW solar power plant in our data center. Many small, larger and challenging care tasks; Consulting OEM manufacturers; Express deliveries in Europe Marine, industrial lubricants, new lubricating greases... helios is a system supplier... Ready with new lubricating fluids in 2021 + future H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN

Lubricants are a basic requirement for the production + operation of electricity Electricity, energy is life, electricity is created after lubricant use for the production of electricity production machines, such as turbines, rectifiers, solar panels, wind turbines, gearboxes, and many others, and their daily operation + maintenance , without lubricants no electricity production,

Buy lubricants, high-quality lubricants, in relation to the use, are primarily CO2 minimizing machines. Lubricants are exponential CO2 quantity saving tools.

Energy savings through lubricants and their usage testing Use our oil analysis laboratory tests with online + app tools - simply iconic with HLAS OILANALYSIS.eu

Buy lubricants We prefer to select CO2-reduced lubricants + coolant manufacturers with the same technical product performance, (2021-Nov) Basically, the production of lubricants + coolants in basic production has been replaced/supplemented with many different bio/CO2-reducing components, which leads to this Significant lubricants CO2 will soon be reduced, for example Glysantin G64 is already on the market today with approx. 83% CO2 savings and many more, for strong CO2 reductions there are no quantities of bio/CO2-reducing raw materials,

Ask about our quantity and bulk prices. Additional condition assessment of oil analyses: OILANALYSIS.EU