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We use EAL-Bio lubricants, with technical equivalence, instead of previous ones - sustainably saving. Many small, larger and challenging care tasks; Consulting OEM manufacturers; Express deliveries in Europe Marine, industrial lubricants, new greases ... helios is your system supplier. Ready with new lubricating fluids for 2020 + future!

Resources + Energy saving, climate friendly! EAL = organic; We are constantly trying to find ways and products to meet the world's growing and changing energy needs while increasing sustainability. We find innovations to meet big challenges and wishes. Helios lubeoil designs viable solutions for the more efficient, intelligent reduction of energy and natural resources, while government regulatory and political headwinds are consistent.

Raw material saving, latest lubricating greases + oils, LNG, diesel + e-fuels for industry, crafts, trades, construction sites; Commercial heating oil for hall, craft, home + office; Bunker gas oil shipping, transformer oil, forklift motor oils truck, production manufacturing, heavy industry, toolmaking, automotive, formwork oils, separating oils injection molding, gray cast iron, power plants, metalworking oils, food oils, boron + formaldehyde-free cutting lubricants WMF, turbine oils, insulating oils, truck engine oils, truck workshop supply, gear oils , EAL BIO fluids, synthetic industrial gear oils, subsea fluids offshore, flame retardant hydraulic oils and much more for land, subsea and underwater applications; Lubricating oils in canister, barrel, container IBC 3.000L or bulk ex RTW. Supplementary status determination: OILANALYSIS.EU 

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