Wärmeträgeröl EU-SHL 25 synth
  • Wärmeträgeröl EU-SHL 25 synth

Wärmeträgeröl EU-SHL 25 synth

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helios heat transfer oil EU-SHL 25 is a high quality synthetic thermal oil for use in closed indirect heating systems with expansion temperatures of up to +350 ° C

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

The synthetic helios heat transfer oil EU-SHL 25 (mm² / s 23,5) is based on a high quality synthetic base oil to ensure the following properties:

- Excellent heat and oxidation stability.

- Minimizes deposits and viscosity increase.

- Extended life and less downtime.

- Exceptional resistance to thermal cracking and decomposition, this oil can work well up to a maximum oil temperature of +350 ° C with minimal impact on heat transfer capability.

- High specific heat and heat conductivity of this oil ensures faster heat dissipation.

- The excellent flowability at low temperatures ensures a fast circulation at startup and reduces the risk of local overheating.

- Non-corrosive to aluminum, steel, copper, brass or bronze.

- The non-toxicity of this oil, the waste oil can be easily disposed of.

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