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helios "Defrost SWA" Winter, concentrate

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Defroster vents for windscreen washer systems with citrus fragrance.
helios "antifreeze SWA" Winter is a cleaning and antifreeze for washer in the cold season. (Of course, also suitable for summer). Also suitable for VW fan nozzles and polycarbonate lenses. The surfactants contained in the product are biodegradable.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

helios "antifreeze SWA" Winter is miscible with water and is added according to the degrees of cold washer. Depending on the concentration self-selected frost resistance is down to -60 degrees attained:

Defroster:water  temperature
1:3   -7 C
1:2  -10 C
1:1  -20 C
undiluted  -60 C


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Scheiben Frostschutz bis -60°C Defrost

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