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Dromus B - Dromus BX

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Dromus BX will be Dromus B a proven, mineral oil, water-miscible cooling lubricant, which is used in metalworking universal for many types of cutting machining. Dromus Bemulsions for the treatment of steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and in particular non-ferrous metals alike.

lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter
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Dromus B (changed due to Reach) is a water, mineral oil containing coolant for machining. Dromus BX is free of nitrite, boron, and chlorine, and corresponds to the TRGS 611th

Machining steel and cast iron: 6 - 10%

Machining of non-ferrous metals: 6 - 10%

Machining of non-ferrous metals: 6 - 10%

Grinding: 4 - 6%

Refractometer factor 0.9

A storage temperature of 5 - 40 ° C should be respected and Frost avoided.

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