Optigear Synth 1710
  • Optigear Synth 1710

Optigear Synth 1710

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Semi-synthetic Gear Oils  Optigear Synthetic™ 1710 is a range of high-performance extreme pressure gear oils, developed to help tackle wear-related problems in heavily loaded industrial gears and bearings.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
lube viscosity: VG 320
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Typical applications are in spur, helical, herringbone, bevel and planetary gears as well as in geared couplings, rolling and sliding bearings and in gear drive circulating systems. Depending on the application, Optigear Synthetic 1710 may be used in a temperature range from –30°C up to +95°C

Optigear Synthetic 1710 is formulated with Castrol's Tribol Gear Oil Additive (TGOA) Plastic Deformation (PD) additive and high quality mineral base oils and synthetic polyalphaolefins.
Optigear Synthetic 1710 semi-synthetic gear oils are compatible with most mineral oil, ester and synthetic based products. This means that traces of up to 3% of previous oil in the gear case after draining will not pose any problems.
However, the beneficial effects of the TGOA additives are reduced when Optigear Synthetic 1710 oils are mixed with other gear oils. Optigear Synthetic 1710 oils are not compatible with polyglycols. After draining a polyglycol fill, the gear case must be flushed well with a mineral oil or flushing oil.

TGOA PD helps improve lubricant performance when operating temperature and loads reach a certain level of activation energy by enabling the micro-smoothing of surface roughness without increasing wear. The smoothed surface delivers optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction, especially in applications which experience extreme pressure, shock loads, vibrations or low speeds. TGOA PD helps to protect against scuffing and shock loading, while maintaining a high load carrying capacity, and can help prevent the progression of micro-pitting in pre-damaged gears.

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