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Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid 68, 100, 150

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Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid 68 100 150, Ecolabel of the European Union, US-EPA-VGP-compliant

Biodegradable special fluid for gears and bearings Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is a highly developed synthetic fluid for applications in gears with thrusters and drives. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is made from fully saturated esters, formulated for superior load-bearing capacity, while being readily biodegradable with little ecotoxicity. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is an "Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL)" according to the definition of the "US EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit".

lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter
lube viscosity: VG 68
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Specifications, approvals and recommendations
DIN 51517-3 CLP
· ISO 3448 VG 68/100/150
· USA EPA VGP compliant
ISO 14635 A20 / 8.3 / 90> 13
· Kawasaki Heavy Industries
· Nakashima propeller
Holland Roerpropeller (ZF)
· Sperry Marine
· SKF Blohm + Voss
· Wärtsilä
· Aegir Navy
· IHC Sealing Solutions
Ecolabel license DE / 027/135

Main areas of application
· Ship drives, thrusters and controllable pitch propellers
Industrial gears, bearings and other components in
Circulating and splash lubrication

Compatibility and miscibility

Miscibility with other oils

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluids can be mixed with mineral oils. To ensure the environmental properties and performance of Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid, the system should be drained and thoroughly flushed when changing fluids.

If the system was previously used with mineral oil, residues may have formed. Due to the surface wetting properties of the EAL, these can loosen and collect in the system filter. The filters should therefore be checked regularly, especially after they have been re-oiled.

In order to check the usability of the new fluid, it is strongly recommended to take an oil sample after the oil change and have it analyzed by Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis.

Compatibility with surrounding materials

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is compatible with sealing materials and paints that are normally suitable for use with conventional mineral oils. However, the recommendation of the OEM should be obtained, who will confirm the suitability of Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid for your application.


· High viscosity index

Provides a shear-stable lubricant to protect components over a wide temperature range.

· Extended service intervals

Fully saturated esters ensure excellent oxidation stability and hydrolysis stability, as well as high thermal stability. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid offers the option of extended service intervals compared to gear oils based on mineral oil.

· Wear protection and load-bearing capacity

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid has been formulated for excellent load-bearing capacity and high protection against seizure damage. Advanced, non-toxic additives protect over a wide range of operating conditions and ensure long component life, even under shock loads.

· Support of a consistently high system efficiency

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid has excellent water release properties. Excess water can be easily drained from the lubrication system; this supports the extension of the component service life and ensures efficient lubrication at contact points.

· Easily biodegradable

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is more than 60% biodegraded in the OECD 301 biodegradation test after 28 days.

· Low environmental toxicity

Reduced impact of accidental release into the environment. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is classified as "not harmful" for bacteria, algae, freshwater and marine invertebrates, and fish when tested as "water accomodated fractions (WAFs)" according to the OECD and EPA tests Guidelines. Recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is USA EPA 2013
Vessel General Permit is classified as an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant and offers a reduction in the risk of marine use compared to conventional mineral oil. It has a reduced effect on the environment in the event of a leak or accidental release. It is in particular suitable for use in ecologically sensitive areas

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