Diesel Tanks Water-Free maintenance

Aquafighter® Keeps Your Fuel Pure + Your Fuel Tank Water-Free From Directly Inside the Tank,
Aquafighter can be used and works perfectly for all types of applications using diesel, biodiesel, heating oil and non-ethanol/non-methanol gasoline.

Two very important things. Not only does Aquafighter de-emulsify fuel by removing all water in the fuel to less than 65ppm, Aquafighter also captures and isolates all of this water in a protective gel that is inside the fabric membrane.
The ability for Aquafighter to capture this water and render it harmless inside the gel is what allows Aquafighter to keep your fuel pure and your tank clean at all times. Without the ability to capture and secure this water largely, it is impossible to have such excellent control over your tank condition and fuel quality. And no other product can complete these two indispensable functions.

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