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H2 Mobile Hydrogen Filling Station
  • H2 Mobile Hydrogen Filling Station

H2 Mobile Hydrogen Filling Station

Outdoor: H2 supply Space: Mobile hydrogen filling station with helios lubes H2 supply. Required parking space for truck semitrailer 20 or 40 feet + safety clearances, control technology, self-sufficient.

Indoor: H2 tank fuel system H2 pump refueling

• H2 Fuel pump in key areas e.g. Truck supply + truck maintenance
• H2 fue lnozzel connections can be used by any forklift
• H2 Refueling time less than three minutes

If you are interested in the implementation, we would be happy to prepare your offer.

FC Hydrogen: H2 Mobile filling station large

- Stand-alone tank system for 350 bar refueling

- Withdrawal capacity 120 kg / day

- Ready for use 24/7 with intelligent control for the mobile filling of H2

- Tank systems, e.g. Transportable by truck or bus

Approved according to ADR 23-1049

E.g. no sewer inlets or sinks near the parking- / tank areas (safety distance according to regulations)

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