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helios EAL Bio concrete release agent WM

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Helios EAL Bio release agent WM is an aqueous emulsion primarily at absorbent formwork (timber) production of site-mixed concrete, as a board and care products in the ceramic industry, etc. Gypsum can be used. In asphalt road, it is used to prevent caking of the mix.

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Helios EAL release agents based on hydrocarbons WM with additions of agents and emulsifiers. It also forms hard water stable emulsions. Environmentally friendly.

Helios EAL release agent WM is a part added with stirring and water emulgiert- not vice versa! Subsequently, the remaining water while stirring is added. Contaminated water decreases the stability of the emulsion. As a concrete release agent is a mixture ratio of 1: 3 - 1: 5 and for the asphalt industry from 1: Recommended 10: 5 to 1. In both cases lower concentrations are possible.


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