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Ecosure HSE 32, 46, 68

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The Ecosure HSE range of biodegradable hydraulic fluids has been developed specifically for use in environmentally sensitive marine applications. For CPP’s, stabilisers and heavy duty cranes.

lube packaging: Drum 208 Liter
lube viscosity: VG 32

Available in ISO 32, 46, 68 and 100 viscosity grades, the ECOSURE HSE oils offer an unbeatable combination of outstanding operational performance and excellent ecological credentials. As such, the introduction of the ECOSURE HSE range to your fleet will provide efficient hydraulic functioning whilst helping to minimise the environmental impact of your operations should spillage occur.

- ECOSURE HSE will outperform other biodegradable hydraulic fluids in the ASTM D-943 dry TOST oxidation test, easily exceeding 2500hrs and giving performance superior to many mineral oil based fluids.
- ECOSURE HSE will biodegrade if accidentally released. It has an ultimate biodegradability of greater than 60% in the 28-day OECD 301B test.
- ECOSURE HSE has low toxicity in the marine environment compared to mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. It is classified as Practically Non-Toxic based on the following results:

Fish Daphnia Shrimp Algae
LC50 exceeds 100 mg/l EC50 exceeds 100 mg/l EC50 = 200 mg/l LC50 exceeds 1000 mg/l

- ECOSURE HSE gives excellent pump protection to meet the demands of modern hydraulic systems.
- ECOSURE HSE provides excellent corrosion protection of the metals commonly used in hydraulic systems.
- ECOSURE HSE is compatible with the following elastomeric seal materials: Nitrile, Viton®, Teflon, Nylon and PTFE.
- ECOSURE HSE gives superior demulsification performance to many biodegradable hydraulic fluids especially when mixed with seawater.

Ecosure HSE 100 availble on request.

These high performance hydraulic fluids were designed for use in critical applications such as CPPs, stabilisers and heavy duty cranes where there is potential for fluid loss to occur to the marine environment. ECOSURE HSE has been strongly recommended by several OEMs for its superior performance properties in critical applications below the waterline and meets the
environmental requirements of Swedish Standard 15 54 34. ECOSURE HSE fluids are based on fully saturated synthetic esters and demonstrate exceptional fluid life. In oxidation tests they achieve up to 12,000 hours in the ASTM D-943 DRY TOST test and over 800 minutes in the ASTM D-2272 RPVOT test, demonstrating performance far superior to most competing biodegradable hydraulic fluids. They will give longer lifetime in arduous conditions by resisting the onset of ageing. Deposit formation in critical hydraulic control valves will be minimised leading to extended, smoother, more reliable operations.

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