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Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100 + 150

VAT included

Special Purpose Biodegradable Synthetic Stern Tube Fluid. Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid is a non-emulsifying synthetic fluid specifically developed for use in stern tubes. Manufactured from fully saturated esters, Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid is designed to offer superior lubrication performance whilst also being readily biodegradable with low ecotoxicity.

lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter
lube viscosity: VG 100

Vessel stern tubes fluid available as ISO VG 100 or 150.
Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid is designed for the lubrication and corrosion protection of stern tube bearings.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations
·ISO 3448 VG 100
·USA EPA VGP compliant
·SKF Blohm & Voss
·James Walker Seals
·Aegir Marine
·Ecolabel licence DE/027/134

Seal Compatibility
Some elastomers found in stern tube seals may not be suitable for use with Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid. The manufacturer of the seal must be consulted to determine its suitability for use with this ester based fluid.

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