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Marine Sirius X 30

Shell Sirius X is a top quality lubricant, of the Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil (SHPDO) class.Shell Sirius X is especially suitable for the high power/weight units used in fast vessels and compact generator sets.
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lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter

It is designed for the highest output, high-speed diesel engines, burning distillate fuel and is formulated to give better engine protection and longer drain intervals than normal diesel engine oils.

- High-speed diesel engines operating on distillate fuels.
- N.B. Not suitable for N. American automotive type engines, for which API CF-4 type oils are required.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations
- MTU (Type II high performance category)
- CWEC (Cummins Wärtsilä Engine Company)
- MWM Deutz (high output, high speed, e.g. TBD 620)
- Meets the requirements of Caterpillar 3600 Series

Performance, Features & Benefits

- Outstanding piston cleanliness
Free-running piston rings, even under difficult operational conditions, ensuring maximum reliability.

- Exceptional protection against bore polishing
Control of blow-by and oil consumption, preserving engine efficiency. SHPDO type oils are preferred by many engine manufacturers to guard against bore polishing.

- Exceptional engine cleanliness
Ability to retain high levels of soot safely in suspension, even with extended drain intervals.

- Oxidation resistance twice that of conventional oils
Ability to withstand high temperatures for longer, in severe service or with extended drain intervals.

- High reserve alkalinity
A TBN-E (total base number) of 17 to neutralise acids and provide corrosion protection until the next drain interval, even with the higher sulphur levels sometimes found in marine distillate fuels.

Notice: German Customer have to sent proof of Chemikalienverbotsverordnung signed and stamped with quote.


Data sheet

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil
SAE 30
Shell Sirius X

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