Shell Rimula R3+ 40
  • Shell Rimula R3+ 40

Shell Rimula R3+ 40

VAT included

Shell Rimula R3 Single-range high-performance diesel engines with Energized Protection-Formulation adapt to different operating conditions and protect motors or equipment reliably.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
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Active cleaning additives keep the piston and other engine parts clean, protect against wear and thus ensure a high engine life and efficient operation.

For some gear and hydraulic applications, single-range engine oils are recommended. It is suitable for use in stationary applications such as pumps running continuously under even conditions.

Specifications, releases, and recommendations
· MAN: 270
· MB release: 228.0
· MTU: Category 1
· ACEA: E2
Shell Rimula R3 must not be used in Detroit diesel two-stroke engines.


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