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Marine Star 50

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Marine Oil STAR 50 is a superior quality Marine Cylinder Lubricant (MCL) designed for modern low speed turbo charged crosshead diesel engines operating on high temperatures and high power output on residual fuels with a maximum sulphur content of 2%. TBN max 40.

lube packaging: bulk bunker barge

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4000.

Marine Star 50 of the newest generation. Per Barge only available in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. TKW, IBC, Drum in Europe.

Marine Oil STAR 50 is based on high quality virgin mineral base oil in combination with an unique additive package to ensure the following properties:
- Outstanding acid neutralizing capability.
- Very good oxidation stability.
- Maximum film strength
- Superior detergency minimizes deposits on critical parts viz. pistons, piston rings, ring grooves and cylinder ports.
- Enhanced antiwear property minimizes piston ring & cylinder wear.
- Good compatibility with all normal seal materials.
- TBN of 40 for max. sulphur content of 2%.

4000 Items

Data sheet

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil
SAE 50

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