Gerätebenzin 2T Medialub SK-2T
  • Gerätebenzin 2T Medialub SK-2T
  • Gerätebenzin 2T Medialub SK-2T

Gerätebenzin 2T Medialub SK-2T

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Medialub SK-2T ready-to-use, KWF-tested 2-stroke fuel mixture for motor-driven small appliances, in particular chain saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers or lawn mowers, which are operated with a two-stroke mixture (in the ratio 1:20 to 1:50).

lube packaging: 25 litre pail
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KWF-tested 2-stroke fuel mixture, Fulfils SS 15 5461 + SN 18 11 63 

Alkylate gasoline, additive 

Product ready to use (no concentrate)

Colour: light green

- Reduction of pollutants + reduction of emissions

- Environmentally friendly

- Maximum performance of the implement used

- Extended life of the engines of the 2-stroke implements

- Reduced wear

- Small deposits

- Clean combustion

As a rule, special fuel with the KWF test mark can be used without any problems if the manufacturer's specifications regarding maintenance and operation of the equipment are complied with. Under certain circumstances, however, it may be necessary to adjust the carburetor setting of the engine to the low-emission and therefore environmentally friendly fuel.

The use of a low-smoke high-performance engine oil and a special synthetic, low-emission petrol effectively reduces the impact on people and the environment. In contrast to conventional petrol with an aromatic content of up to 30%, Medialub SK-2T is low in aromatics and contains hardly any lead or sulphur. The content of benzene is < 0.1% and the total aromatic content is maximum 0.5%. The low-emission gasoline and the lower soot formation ensure clean combustion, less deposits and thus less wear and a longer service life of the device. 

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