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GLYSACORR P 113 FrostProtect

VAT included

GLYSACORR® P113 FrostProtect is an inhibitor concentrate with Headspace corrosion protection. In the application concentration of 50 vol% in water is GLYSACORR® P113 FrostProtect especially suitable as test bench coolant for new engines in the warm-up phase, which then transported for a long time or be stored.

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Fields of application: Hot-test engine test stands, pressure tests, pump tests, leak tests. Not suitable as a permanent coolant, containing amine.
Recommendation: After the engine test, allow the engine to cool to temperatures below 40 ° C before draining the coolant.

It provides the coolant with excellent corrosion protection properties for all metals and alloys used in engine construction in direct contact or in the vapor space.
Before using GLYSACORR® P113 FrostProtect must be diluted. Recommended concentration 50% vol.
For mixing, clean, not too hard water must be used. Not suitable are mine water, seawater, brackish water, brines and industrial wastewater
The analysis values of the water must not exceed the following limits:
Water hardness: 0 - 20 dH (0 - 3.6 mmol / l)
Chloride content: max. 100 ppm
Sulphate content: max. 100 ppm

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