Glysacorr G 93-94
  • Glysacorr G 93-94

Glysacorr G93 green (G 93-94)

Glysacorr G93 - 94 is an inhibitor concentrate which is added to the cooling water of internal combustion engines,

if frost protection is not necessary, Glysacorr G 93 is an inhibitor concentrate that is added to the cooling water of internal combustion engines when no antifreeze is required. It offers all metals and alloys used in cooling systems excellent protection against cavitation and corrosion. It is particularly suitable for use in high-performance engines, for example in trucks locomotives ships,

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lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

In an application concentration of 10 Vol .-%, it gives the cooling water excellent corrosion and cavitation protection properties for all metals used in engine and alloys such as aluminum, iron and non-ferrous metals.

Permanent approval for e.g. MAN, MTU, Deutz and many others. No known restrictions.

For mixing of coolant must clean, not overly hard water used. Not suitable mine water, sea water, brackish water, brine and industrial effluent. The analysis of the water should not exceed the following limits: Water hardness: 0-20 ° GdH (0-3.6 mmol / l) chloride content: max. 100 ppm sulfate content: max. 100 ppm is exceeded, then it prepare the analysis of the water, the permissible limit values in a suitable manner, for example, by mixing with pure, distilled or demineralized or deionized (DI) water. Excessive chloride or sulphate levels can be corrected reduced in this way.

GLYSACORR® G93® green (Glysacorr® G 93-94)


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