Distilled - demineralized water
  • Distilled - demineralized water

Distilled - demineralized water

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Glysacor G 93 - 94 coolant should be prepared with water that is clean but not too hard. Corrosioninhibitor Glysacorr G93 - 94 protects the sensitive metal surfaces in the closed cooling system. Useage in marine heat exchanger, two circle engine cooling. 

lube packaging: 30 Litre pail
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The analytical values of the water should be within the following limits: Water hardness:0–25°C lark (0–3.6 mmol/l) Chloride content: max. 100 ppm Sulphate content: max. 100 ppm The water must be treated by suitable means if it does not fulfillthese requirements, i. e. by adding softened, distilled or deionizedwater. Excessive sulphate or chloride contents can also be reducedby adding distilled or deionized water. The following types of water are unsuitable: sea water, mixtures of sea water and fresh water, salt water and industrial wastewater.

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