Houghton Oil 9156
  • Houghton Oil 9156

Houghton Oil 9156

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Oil 9156 is used as a cooler water addition for cooler circles of stationary and mobile combustion engines, e.g. for ship engines, locomotives, trucks, construction machines or emergency power supply.
Oil 9156 protects from corrosion, cavitation and deposit formation. This makes it extremely important for the functionality of the engines.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

Oil 9156 MTU MTL 5047 approval (formerly Shell 9156) 

Oil 9156 easily disperses in water, forming a stable, odorless, semi-transparent emulsion, with high lubricity and high detergent and cooling properties. Oil 9156 is compatible with ferrous metals, aluminum, zinc, copper and cast iron.

MTU MTL 5047
Mercedes 311.0

Recommended storage temperature is between 5ºC and 40ºC. Not below 1°C, freeze protetion needed.


Exempt from transport classification and labelling. Transport product in compliance with provisions of the ADR for road, RID for rail, IMDG for sea and ICAO/IATA for air transport (ADR 2011 - IMDG 2010 - ICAO/IATA 2012).

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